Innovative Presentation Skills

Fun, engaging presentation that models adult learning principles to demonstrate powerful ways to engage audiences and keep them wanting more.

Includes ways to use stories, visuals, demonstrations, activities, and facilitated discussion techniques. 

Length: 1.5 hours


Visual LanguageĀ© Approaches (with Aspire Communications) Workshop

How to use the powerful Visual LanguageĀ© approaches developed by Aspire Communications  to create more engaging, meaningful presentations that enhance learning and retention. The training workshop can be tailored to fit individual community needs, and is normally provided in one of two ways:

1-Day Workshop - How adults learn, key concepts of visual learning, flexible presentation approaches, using photo images and graphics to communicate, and developing picture stories. Also includes sources for images, strategies for using cell phone cameras to capture effective images, and basic photography skills.

3-Day Workshop - includes the Day 1 workshop plus two days of instruction on building your own presentation platform using the visual language approaches.


See for more information on the visual language approaches and training details.  



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