Making Meaning of What We Do

Inspiring look at the reality of life in the “giving” business of breastfeeding support, with ways to help rejuvenate and refresh attendees as they learn to set priorities that matter. 

Length: 1 hour


The Power of WE

Ways to help your WIC team move from good to great to improve support for breastfeeding families.

Addresses key qualities of effective teams and the important roles of each member of the WIC team.

Includes inspiring stories and examples to help inspire and motivate.

Length: 1 hour


The Time is Right

Exciting look at Federal, national, state, and local initiatives to promote and support breastfeeding, and ways your community can build the momentum in your local area. Highlights important efforts in health care, primary care, government, legislation, employment, and grassroots efforts.

Length: 1 hour   


Toddler Wisdom: Out of the Mouths of Babes

Whimsical look at common expressions of toddlers, and the wisdom of these approaches for adults who want to avoid burnout and find meaning in the work they do.

If desired, the session can conclude with a photo montage of the infants/children of attendees.

Length: 30 minutes



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