Every Mother, Inc. trainings are fun, lively, and memorable. This is key to helping staff retain and act on the information they learn! Trainers use a variety of teaching techniques based on adult learning principles such as:

⦁ Humor

⦁ Storytelling

⦁ Facilitated discussion

⦁ Interactivity

⦁ Approaches that appeal to varied learning styles

⦁ Focus on practical tools learners can use right away 


Visual Language Approach

Every Mother trainings use evidence-based Visual Language© design approaches to slides, with powerful images to engage, inspire, and excite learners. Meaningful photo images, picture stories, videos, animations, and other engaging techniques help keep training visuals interesting and lively. 



Training program handouts are designed as practical resources that can be used by staff again and again. Handouts include key content, along with references, website URLs, and other resources discussed in the training session.  


Training Options

Training programs can be adapted to fit the available time slots and to address particular needs of the target audience. They can be provided in many different ways:

⦁ Single conference sessions

⦁ Half-day training event

⦁ Full-day workshop

⦁ Multi-day workshop

⦁ Webinars 


Continuing Education

Every Mother will provide full abstracts with objectives, outline, and bibliography to assist the client with applying for continuing education units and creating promotional materials for the training events. 




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