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Nearly all new mothers have questions about breastfeeding. When challenges come, you might need the help and support of local breastfeeding experts who can observe a breastfeeding session and provide specific solutions for your situation. The good news is that nearly every breastfeeding concern has solutions!


Every Mother staff are based in Mississippi and often travel to provide training workshops.This can make it more challenging to provide the kind of care you might need in a timely way. However, we are always happy to provide you with links to local experts in your community who might be able to assist you, and to share resources that might help you with questions you have. 


Lactation Experts

International Lactation Consultant Association

ILCA’s “Find a Lactation Consultant Directory” helps you locate International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) near you. You can narrow your search by location or by practice setting. For example, you might want a lactation consultant who makes home visits or a lactation consultant in your area who can help you with returning to work questions.


Hospital Lactation Team 

If you have immediate needs, be sure to contact the lactation team at the hospital where you delivered. Many hospitals provide outpatient visits for moms after discharge. 



This phone mobile app allows you to quickly locate the help of a lactation consultant who can provide quick answers to breastfeeding problems you might face. 


WIC Program 

Many WIC agencies provide breastfeeding experts to assist moms who are eligible for WIC. These might include peer counselors, nutrition staff who are skilled in breastfeeding, as well as lactation consultants and counselors. 



Mother-to-Mother Support


Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association 

There are several “Breastfeeding Clubs” in different locations that bring together communities of color for mother-to-mother support. 


Breastfeeding USA

Mother-to-mother volunteer breastfeeding counselors are located throughout the United States to provide help and assistance to moms facing challenges, and to refer t hem to other resources who can help with more serious concerns. 


La Leche League

La Leche League has a long history of providing mother-to-mother support through volunteers. Check out this locator to find local La Leche League groups in your community.


Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE)

Provides ROSE Breastfeeding Clubs to connect moms in the community for breastfeeding support.



Online Resources


Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

Provides clinical protocols for health care professionals to address many common medical concerns related to breastfeeding. 



Comprehensive collection of up-to-date evidence-based information for new moms on a wide variety of breastfeeding topics. 


National Conference of State Legislatures

Lists both Federal and State laws related to breastfeeding, including women’s rights to support at work, breastfeeding in public, jury duty, and many other topics.  


Office on Women's Health

Contains many valuable resources, including info on how to breastfeed and work it into your life, and the Employer Solutions searchable resource with ways to find time and space to breastfeed at work in most industries.


WIC Breastfeeding Support

Provides current information and videos for WIC families that address many common questions and concerns of new moms.



Mobile Apps



Free mobile phone app helps you prepare for getting a great start with breastfeeding. 



Free mobile phone app has a directory of over-the-counter and prescription medications with current information on safety while pregnant and breastfeeding. Representatives are also available for phone consultations.




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