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Healthy Start


Boosting Breastfeeding Support: Community Strategies WORKSHOP

Building community support for breastfeeding mothers. Addresses barriers to breastfeeding among vulnerable populations and doable solutions that make a difference.

Topics: working with health care providers, supporting employed mothers, conducting effective outreach with employers, and building community connections.

Length: 6 hours


Boosting Breastfeeding Support: Preparing New Families WORKSHOP

Enhancing support for new families, including new research on the crucial impact of breastfeeding in maternal and infant health, reaching vulnerable mothers with positive breastfeeding messaging, counseling skills, preparing mothers for getting a good start, and addressing common barriers. 

Length: 6 hours



HHS Office on Women's Health


Supporting Nursing Moms at Work WORKSHOP

For partners and stakeholders who wish to conduct outreach with businesses.

Uses the HHS Office on Women’s Health training curriculum, “Supporting Nursing Moms at Work” developed by Every Mother.

Addresses Federal and State legal requirements, effective ways to approach employers, solutions for non-office settings, policy development, and resources.

Includes community-based strategic planning.

Length: 6 hours 



USDA Food and Nutrition Service WIC Program


WIC Peer Counselor Management (Direct Training of Program Managers)

Designed for WIC Peer Counselor Coordinators, program managers, and supervisors of peer counselors, Every Mother provides the official USDA Food and Nutrition Service training program for managing peer counseling programs.

Includes supervising and retaining peer counselors, practice settings for peers, scope of practice, hiring strategies, and program policies. 

Length: Two 6-hour days


WIC Peer Counselor Management (Train the Trainer)

Every Mother also provides the WIC Peer Counselor Management training as a “train the trainer” for State and local agency peer counselor coordinators and trainers. 

Length: 6 hours


WIC Peer Counselor Training

Every Mother’s trainers provide the USDA Food and Nutrition Service WIC peer counseling training platform as a 1-day “train the trainer” for State/local WIC agency trainers and supervisors, or as a multi-day direct training program of peer counselors.

Every Mother works with the State or local agency to tailor peer counseling training programs to fit the unique needs of the agency.

Length: Negotiated with the Agency



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