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Happy 2019!

New Year's resolutions are a common way of welcoming the new year. However, as most of us know, those resolutions often quickly fade into a vague "to do" list that soon becomes forgotten.

At Every Mother, we'd like to suggest that as you launch a new year of service to new families, you consider the example of Stephanie Gable, a private practice lactation consultant at Gulf Coast Breastfeeding Center in Pass Christian, MS. Each year, she selects a particular word to provide focus and guidance throughout the year. That word can reflect your personal needs or anticipated goals, or could serve as a reflection of where you are in your life's journey. Stephanie shared that "2019 is but a chapter in our personal book of life. Just like any chapter, it begins with one word." Her word for 2019 is "adventure." We like that word, because it represents the awesome opportunities we have when we support new families. Even difficult times can be faced confidently when viewed as an adventure, with the chance to learn and grow through the experience.

Following Stephanie's inspiration, I began selecting my own "word of the year" to reflect my personal journey in the opportunities I have been blessed with...words like faithfulness and focus. This year, I've selected the word "together" to serve as my 2019 roadmap. Every Mother's mantra is a Kenyan proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Together means we acknowledge we cannot do anything in this life by ourselves. Together means we listen to one another and identify shared goals. Together means we realize the families we serve are the real experts and we have much to learn through their experience, no matter how knowledgeable and experienced we are. Together means we are intentional about seeking shared opportunities with colleagues and organizations for growth and action. Together means we hold our family close, seeking ways to enrich our lives in a quality way, and that we take time to be with the ones we love and who support our dreams. Together means that no matter what we face in the coming year, we know we are not alone.

Wishing all of you a year of good health, with ample opportunities to build YOUR network of "togetherness" in this new year. If you decide to select your own "word of the year," send us a comment as a response to this blog. We'd love to share your journey!



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